A Simple Guide To The Different Types Of Casino Bonuses

A Simple Guide To The Different Types Of Casino BonusesDifferent Types of Casino Bonuses

The world of online casinos is one that is constantly fraught with heavy competition. Once the internet became more widespread and online casinos grew in popularity, the influx of players meant that gaming sites had to try and find a way to bring in these new players while simultaneously outdoing their rivals for attention.

This led to the creation of casinos bonuses: special reward programs designed specifically to entice new players to join up with that specific casino. It didn’t take long for sites to start offering more competitive bonuses, and it’s now more difficult than ever to choose one from the other, unless you’re looking for something more well-known like River Belle Casino. But for those players that are new to the gaming world and want an overview of the various bonuses that are available, these are the most common.

  1. No Deposit Bonuses

These are the most sought-after bonuses on the market, and for good reason. Once a player creates an account with the casino offering the bonus, the player will receive a reward without having to first deposit a certain amount of money into their newly-created account. They’re fairly rare these days, but players should always try and keep an eye out for them, as it can often mean earning free gaming tokens, or in extremely rare cases, real money that can be withdrawn.

  1. Deposit Bonuses

Known often as welcome bonuses, these are rewards that are unlocked only once the player has deposited a certain amount of cash into their account, and while they’re not as popular as their no deposit counterparts, they tend to be far more common. Most casinos will set a deposit limit, and once the player has deposited enough to exceed that limit, they will receive the welcome bonus reward, which will often be in the form in-site game currency unique to that casino or franchise.

  1. Refer-a-Friend Bonus

This kind of bonus tends to be a bit more rare than others, but they also often come with great rewards. All that they require is that the player recommends the casino to a friend, and provides proof to the site that they were the ones that recommended it. It’s important to check the terms and conditions that are attached to a refer-a-friend bonus, but for the most part players can expect to receive a set amount of money or currency that can be used to play games.

  1. Loyalty Programs

These are aimed at those players that have spent any amount of time at the casino. Whenever the player enjoys a game or makes a bet, they earn points which are automatically linked to their account. The points accumulate over time, and once they have enough points, the player can then use them to purchase more game time, or in some cases, they can use the points to withdraw money. Loyalty bonuses are meant as a way of thanking the player for spending time and money at that casino.