BMW Cooling Systems Maintenance and Support

bmw serviceThe system in your BMW plays a role in the operation of the automobile. When working as it should, it is your friend, but cooling system repairs can be your worst enemy if a component in the system fails or if you do not understand how the BMW cooling system functions. By cycling coolant throughout the 24, the system job is to keep the engine temperature. The coolant pulls heat and is passed to cool it. A thermostat valve modulates coolant flow, and your engine may be equipped with a temperature sensor that regulates external air cooling enthusiasts.

Your BMW cooling system includes three elements.

  • BMW Hoses, Valves, Heater Core, Radiator and Expansion Tank

These Components work to ease regulation and the transit of the flow throughout the engine. Because their contact with coolant and of the kinds of substances, these components are more affected by exposure time. The Radiator, heater core, control valves or expansion tank are normally just replaced or repaired if there is evidence of leakage or a blockage of some sort. These components should be assessed by Beyer Motor Works certified technician to ensure security and performance.

  • BMW Thermostat, Fans and Radiator or Expansion Tank Cap

Temperature Management of your engine cooling system includes the radiator cap, expansion tank cap, thermostat, sensors, fans and fan clutch. When these parts function of the motor, they do affect engine control through communicating with your BMW computer system.

Essentially, the thermostat is a valve. The temperature of the coolant decides whether it closes or opens. The thermostats include a digital switch which may trigger the check engine light, warning you way before there is a genuine failure. This change monitors the position and speed of the thermostat and sends a report to the engine computer. This assists with emission warm-up time and also provides you the greatest possible fuel mileage. If your engine temperature gauge consistently registers low, or starts out high followed by a fall to normal operating temperature, this may signal the start of a sticking thermostat. Check with a BMW professional if these symptoms are being exhibited by your car.

  • BMW Water Pump

­­Engine Temperature regulation is critical, both to emissions and performance management. Upkeep of your BMW’s cooling system saves money but enriches gas mileage and driving performance. Please remember that BMW cooling systems are extremely sensitive, and should be adjusted or repaired by a technician with the suitable applications and utilities.