The Different Types Of Hands Found In The Game Of Poker

The Different Types Of Hands Found In The Game Of PokerThe Top Varieties of Poker Hands

Any poker player will tell you that the most important part of the game is the hand that you receive. The hand, which consists of different cards, can mean the difference between losing it all or walking away much wealthier. Whatever the case, knowing and understanding the different hands that can be dealt in a game of poker, along with the values of those hands, is an important step to take if you want to improve your chances of winning more games.

While most poker hands tend to be universal across the different variants of poker, there are some differences here and there, which usually depend on the type of poker being played. Here, we will look at the common kinds of hands players receive while playing Texas Hold’em, including their importance in the game, and why poker is more complex than other games, such as real slots NZ.

Poker Hands: Highest To Lowest

  • Royal Flush – This is the best possible hand that a player can receive in a game, and almost always means that the player will win. This hand consists of a ten, a Jack, Queen, King, and Ace, all at the same time.
  • Straight Flush – A straight flush is five of the same cards in a single hand. Quite rare, and often enough to give the player the win.
  • Four of a Kind – Similar to the straight flush, except with four of the same card as opposed to five.
  • Flush – Five cards, all part of one suit, but not in the same numerical order.
  • Straight – Five cards of the same numerical order, but not within the same suit.
  • Three of a Kind – Often called a set or Trips, this hand is made up of two non-paired cards and three of one kind of card.
  • Two Pair – Two different pairs of the same card in a single hand.
  • One Pair – Three cards that are different, but two cards that are the same.
  • Here, there are no matching cards, and the cards dealt are in no particular order, but there are two different suits within a single hand.

The Best Hands to Start off With

  1. Pocket Aces – A poker classic, and considered the strongest starting hand in the game. Getting this combination occurs once within 221 hands, so while it is possible, don’t rely on this one too much.
  2. Pocket Kings – Also commonly known as cowboys, these are a favourite against most other hands, except pocket aces.
  3. Pocket Queens – Much the same as pocket kings, except with a lower hand value.
  4. Ace-King Suited – A deceiving hand to be dealt, as it seems higher value than it really is, and does not win as often as it seemingly should. While not technically a weak hand, players should try not to become reliant on them when dealt.
  5. Pocket Jacks – A great hand to receive when compared to a pair, and a favourite to be used when the pot has not been raised.